Our Story

Randy & I (Sheena) have lived on our little 1.15 acre lot since 2007. Our son Jaxson joined us in early 2014. My have we grown since we first bought this little slice of earth. We started our garden in 2008 and have grown gradually every year.

In 2018, we decided to tackle opening a CSA program and offering our produce to others since we were always growing way more than we could possibly eat ourselves. The program took off with flying colors and has grown exponentially every year. In 2020, we decided to offer add on products such as meat, mushrooms, coffee, and ice cream from local vendors who have the same values as we do when it comes to the things we consume. In 2021, we plan to expand more than we have ever before since we are adding in another 1/2 acre farmed plot down the street at my parents house. We will not only have more vegetables to include in CSA shares, but hope our cut flower program is successful and we will be able to offer flower bouquets as an add on product too. 

In 2019 we partnered with Heidaway and are one of their main sources of produce & eggs. In 2021 we hope to expand our wholesale reach to other restaurants, farm stores, and co-ops locally.

Things we have/do on the farm other than grow vegetables and flowers!

  • We have pastured laying hens that provide us with the most delicious eggs. These girls (and a few guys, a turkey, and a guinea fowl) are our pets, just as much as our cats and dogs are!
  • We grow and maintain a Monarch Butterfly Waystation and make sure to offer other pollinators host plants, nectar plants, water, and homes.
  • We grow medicinals and herbs of all kinds. We include herbs as much as possible in our CSA shares. The other medicinals and herbs I use in making herbal remedies and concoctions. I've started a small apothecary called La Dame Blanche Apothecary & Provisions, which will be added to the store at some point as well. 
  • All of our landscaping is at the very least a native, with most being either medicinal or herbal in nature as well. I am enrolled in Chestnut School of Herbal Medicines' 1000 hour Herbal Immersion course and plan to grow as much as possible on our land to make the items for the apothecary.

We have committed to growing organically, sustainably, and responsibly. We want to make sure we are giving back to the earth just as much as we are taking from it. We strive to be mindful of all of the wildlife in our area as well as our impact on the land, waterways, and the earth in general. We are attempting to be as “green” as possible with our packaging, supplies, and growing techniques. We are an open book when it comes to our practices – want to know more, have a question, or want a tour of the farm – contact us and we’ll be happy to try our best to accommodate!