Tools We Use

These are some of the retailers, suppliers, and seed companies we purchase our products from. You can see which products in particular we love from the each company under their logo. Check out all they have to offer by clicking the logos. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have!

Johnny's Selected Seeds
We love Johnny's and purchase a lot of our supplies from here including seeds, our Jang seeder, broadfork, CobraHead weeder, and tons of others!
Harris Seeds
We ordered a lot of our other seeds from Harris this year. They have a great variety.
Baker's Creek Heirloom Seed Company
We ordered a lot of our medicinals and herbs from here. 
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
We also ordered lots of seed from here. 
Sow True Seed
Also a great seed company for individual packets and they have some fun collections.
All of our irrigation needs.
Farmers Friend
Greens harvester & silage tarp.
Speciality cut flower seeds.
Martin's Produce Supplies
Bales of soil for seed starting and potting. 
Nolt's Produce & Greenhouse Supplies
Tomato stakes, baskets, pulp fiber baskets, sprayer.
Clark Seeds
Custom cover crop seed.